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Wild Sage & Co.

Dreams Grow Here

Thought Tickler for the Day

You are worthy. You are wise. You are loved.

~~ Wild Sage & Co.

Wild Sage & Co. was founded to provide compassionate listening to mirror back your own brilliance and the encouragement to excel in any area of your Life.

Women, in particular, experience many changes throughout the course of our lives; physically (love those hormones!) which affect our emotional well-being, which in turn affect our mental frame of mind, all of which land in our spiritual center. Women have many channels to navigate, usually at the same time!

Wild Sage & Co. offer services for personal and professional purposes.

Each conversation begins with listening to your intention, what you want to accomplish, and then working with you to design a plan to keep you encouraged and inspired to take action.

We coach individuals who are start-up business entrepreneurs, and those who

are maneuvering through changes in Life. Our clients are both men and women seeking a grounded and confident foundation to navigate their businesses and go through any of Life's twists and turns.

A job "title" is an interesting thing to create. The conventional title for Jennifer

is Life Choices Coach. The down to Earth, wheels on the ground titles are:

Chief Cheerleader in Charge - Maternal Encourager - All is Well Central - and

the Keeper of the Flame when you think it's gone out.

This is the Calling of Wild Sage, the reason for existence.

If this resonates with you, if it awakens curiosity about your Life,

you are invited to find out more!

Why Wild Sage & Co?

Wild: Natural, free, unfettered

Sage: Fragrant, green, wise

Company: Persons united for joint action

Jennifer Taylor

Certified Life Choices Coach

Jennifer began her training and experience in coaching and producing workshops in 1984. The journey continued when Jennifer founded Wild Sage & Co. in 2007 and completed her formal Life Coach Certification from the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching in 2013.