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Wild Sage & Co.

Dreams Grow Here

Let's talk money.

I know. No one likes to do that. But it's only fair to tell you what "affordable" means.

I offer a few choices to find something that works for you.

Private Consultations

One 45 minute complimentary, introductory consultation

This gives us a chance to get to know each other.

You tell me what you'd like to explore or build through our time together,

and we can determine if we're a good fit to make it happen.

One at a Time

$45 per session, generally lasting 45 - 70 minutes

$60 per session, generally lasting 70 - 100 minutes

Scheduled in advance, short notice is permissable as schedules permit.

Paid at each session.

Three at a Time

$99 for 3 sessions, paid up front

Scheduled in advance or at will, and all sessions must occur within 4 months of first session.

Six at a Time

$185 for 6 sessions, paid up front

Scheduled in advance or at will, and all sessions must occur within 9 months of first session.

Group Discussions

Sometimes it is useful to bring others into the conversation, aligning everyone in the same place,

to see the broad picture and chart the specific course together.

$25 per person, per 45-70 minute session, for 2 - 4 people

$35 per person, per 70-100 minute session, for 2 - 4 people

These can be done by phone or video conference for this cost.

They can also take place in person for additional $45 or $60 per session.

This is the starting place. For more people or longer sessions, quotes are provided upon request.


These are fun, customized, interactive events on a variety of topics, usually 6 hours in length.

We are currently offering "The Seasons of Women" as either a one day event or created over 4 workshops.

$99-$125 per person

We're developing a workshop about menopause - because no one taught us about that before we got there.

If you're interested in a workshop about these or any other topic, please contact us.

We're really good at creating and customizing!